About McJIM

Since 1947, a tradition of leather craftsmanship has been passed on for 3 generations from father to son. From a humble beginning it has now grown to a brand that is now trusted by generations of satisfied customers. It has been McJim’s mission of providing world class leather products that is accessible to everyone. This is guided constantly by our philosophy of style, quality and elegance.

To be stylish, each product should be attractive and Unique. McJim product should be fashionable and compliment the user’s day to day look. The design should also be useful and functional. The user should find our products to be useful and convenient for his day to day activities.

To ensure quality, each product should be crafted with the right materials using the best tools. Traditional craftsmanship should embrace new methods and new technology. This way every McJim customer gets the best value.

Each product should be elegant. Simple lines in classic styles must exhibit a refined taste and Luxury.

Up to this day this philosophy can be seen in McJim’s product. We continue to innovate and produce fashionable styles that are designed to last.